Okaya Electric America is a global provider of a wide range of LCD modules and display technologies including: Character, Graphic, Color TFT, and OLED display panels. Most of OKAYA’s standard TFT, Graphic, and OLED display modules are available with highly accurate Touch Panel technology. If available standard products do not meet your needs, OKAYA offers extensive options for creating Custom LCD products. These customizations include Sunlight Readability modifications for outdoor applications.

In addition to the LCD module product line, Okaya Electric offers a wide range of Electrical Noise and Surge Suppression Components including: Single/Three Phase Filters, Snubber Capacitors, Line Capacitors, Spark Quenchers, and Electrostatic/Lightning Surge Absorbers.

For over 20 years, OKAYA products have proven to be of the highest quality and reliability in applications ranging from industrial control consoles, medical devices, mobile display applications, and more. With OKAYA’s dedication to producing reliable, high-quality products and providing excellent customer service, you can Trust in Okaya to help you get your product to market.