Shipments delayed and longer lead-times due to COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in China, many of our workers are currently either unable or unwilling to resume work. This situation is not unique to our company, and most of our supply chain companies, are faced with the same serious issue.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t anything we could prepare for in advance. We are faced with the two critical problems of not enough available labor to meet our planned production capacity and our supply chain is unable to provide the quantities of materials originally promised to meet our demands. Many of those suppliers will not even resume production until April.

The situation is improving slowly but not enough to prevent production delays to current open orders and new orders will see longer lead times until the shortages improve.

We will do our best to complete your orders in the quickest possible time and we appreciate your understanding as we in the United States are just beginning to experience the panic and the shutdowns associated with the worldwide pandemic.


Joe Gee
Okaya Electric America, Inc.