Electrical noise, which affects the correct operation of electrical equipment, can originate from sources both external and internal to the product.

The design and manufacture of OKAYA AC capacitors incorporates many features which make them superior in noise suppression applications:

  • Both single and double wound construction of the metallized polyester and polypropylene films ensure long term reliability.
  • The electrical connection to the metallized film is made via a special multi-element solder which provides excellent surge current tolerance and a decrease in dissipation factor.
  • The special metallizing method is effective in lowering the level of dv/dt at the boundary between the margin section and the active section, improving voltage and Corona characteristics.
  • Our proprietary process prevents the outer case of the capacitor from exploding when exposed to “killer surges.” Some competitive devices are designated “suitable for use with special enclosure only” by certain safety approval agencies.
  • The case is made of FR-PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) which is impervious to most cleaning processes. The case and potting material are both rated UL94 Flame Class V-0.