Narrow pitch size and high ripple current snubber capacitor.

Rated Voltage
450VDC or 630VDC
Capacitance µF±10%
0.47 to 2.2
Dissipation Factor
0.001 max. (at 1kHz)
Test Voltage
Rated Voltage x 1.75VDC (2~5 sec)
Insulation Resistance
20,000MΩ min. (at 20°C, 100VDC)
Operating Temperature


  • For use in active filters and snubbers for electronic circuits
  • Metallized polypropylene film to increase electric current tolerance capabilities
  • Dielectric tolerance: 50% better than HCP series and 3 to 5 times better than HCE series
  • Smaller footprint due to reduced length and width of resin case
  • Radius on top of case to allow for ventilation


  • Televisions
  • PC display monitors
  • Electric appliances (75W~500W)
  • All electric equipment using switching power supplies or semiconductors requiring snubber circuit