Suppress the harmonic current in electric equipment and household electrical appliances.

Recently, electric equipment and household electrical appliances have begun to utilize inverter technology to improve power efficiency. Therefore, many products generate a harmonic current. For suppressing the harmonic current, these products have an “Active filter circuit (Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit).” Capacitors that are used in these circuits are called “Active-filter capacitors” or “PFC capacitors.”

Resin-coated film capacitors are generally used for these circuits. Our film capacitors use a flame-retardant resin plastic case. Therefore, withstand voltage between line and ground is very high and safe. Also, the printed-wiring board mounting is stable.


- General purpose
- Withstands high ripple current


- General purpose
- 30% smaller than HCE series


- General purpose
- Smaller version of AFC series


- Small and general purpose
- Low buzz sound