General purpose Power Factor Correction capacitor that can withstand high ripple current.

Rated Voltage
450VDC or 630VDC
Capacitance µF±10%
0.47 to 4.7
Dissipation Factor
0.002 max. (at 1kHz)
Test Voltage
Rated Voltage x 1.75VDC (2~5 sec)
Insulation Resistance
7,500Ω•F min. (at 20°C, 100VDC)
Operating Temperature


  • Low self-heating and low loss by using thin polypropylene film
  • High voltage withstanding capability between line and case by design of resin outer case
  • Stable design for mounting on a board
  • No derating voltage to maximum temperature


  • Active filter circuit for electrical appliances (PFC circuit)
  • Flat screen television
  • PC monitor
  • Audio-video equipment
  • Home appliances