S and SB

General purpose 100V AC spark quencher with bare wire or PVC leads

Pulse Condition (max.)
Peak to Peak
Pulse Width
50 msec
S120033: 20 msec
Repetitive Frequency
Peak Pulse Voltage
Test Voltage
Line to Line
750VDC or 375VAC 50/60Hz 60 sec
Line to Case
1,500VAC 50/60Hz 60 sec
Insulation Resistance
Line to Line
10,000MΩ min
Line to Case
100,000MΩ min (at 500VDC)
Operating Temperature


  • Designed for 100V AC line
  • Large devices have isolated external mounting tab
  • Two lead styles: bare wire or PVC


Suppressing noise occurring in automatic machines, office appliances and power sources.