Single and three phase surge protective device for AC power supply with visual indicator.

Rated Voltage 50/60Hz (VAC)
150 to 480
DC Operating Voltage (V) ±25%
450 to 1,400
Voltage Protection Level (V)
1,200 to 2,500
Nominal Discharge Current 8/20µs (A)
Max. Discharge Current 8/20µs (A)
Impulse Life Test 8/20µs at 1,000A
Approximately 500 times
Operating Temperature


  • Compliant to the standard specification of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Impulse test category: Class II (Type II)
  • Quick surge response
  • Every pathway consists of same elements: line to line and line to ground protect at same level


  • Road traffic and related equipment
  • Power conditioner for solar photovoltaic system