SPD for AC power supply. Bi-polar surge protection: will fail open if surge capability is exceeded.

Rated Voltage 50/60Hz (VAC)
125 to 250
Maximum Line Voltage (VAC)
140 to 300
DC Breakdown Voltage Ez +30%, -20%
2,400V to 3,600V
Impulse Current Capacity 8/20µs (A)
Insulation Resistance IR (MΩ min.)
10,000 (500VDC)
Withstanding Voltage
1,000V/60s or 1,250V/3s to 1,500V/60s or 1,800V/3s
Capacitance 1MHz (pF) max.
Operating Temperature


  • Fast response time
  • Bi-polar: if surge capability is exceeded device will fail open
  • Small inter-terminal capacitance
  • High insulation resistance (10^9Ω min.)