SPD for AC power supply. Protection against "common mode" noise transient surges in single and three phase applications.

Rated Voltage
Delta connection: 250VAC
Y connection: 250VAC/430V, 250VAC/500V, 290VAC/500V
Power Frequency Sparkover Voltage Ua (V) ±20%
700 to 800
Nominal Discharge Current 8/20µs (A)
Impulse Current Capacity 8/20µs (A)
Maximum Standard Lightning Impulse Sparkover Voltage 1.2/50µs (V)
2,000 to 2,320
Maximum Sparkover Voltage at Tront of Wave Lightning Impulse 10,000V/µs (V)
3,000 to 3,480
Maximum Residual Voltage 8/20µs at 2,500A (V)
2,000 to 2,320
Operating Temperature


  • Specifically designed for use in AC power line applications that require European (CE) mark
  • Three phase applications include Delta and Y connections to 500VAC