Two electrode surface mount ceramic tube SPD for communication/signal/telephone line.

DC Breakdown Voltage (V)
75 to 600
Minimum Insulation Resistance (MΩ)
1,000 (50VDC) to 1,000 (100VDC)
Maximum Capacitance 1MHz (pF)
Impulse Life Test
8/20µs-100A: 300 times
Impulse Current Capacity
8/20µs-5,000A (R=2Ω) Positive/Negative: 5 times
Impulse Withstanding Voltage Capacity
10/700µs-15,000V (R=25Ω) Positive/Negative: 5 times
Operating Temperature


  • High impulse current capacity: 8/20µs-5,000A
  • Quick response for surge
  • Excellent insulation resistance and small capacitance
  • Conforms to ITU-T


  • Home gateway equipment
  • Telephone, PBX, wireless base station
  • Optical transmission equipment
  • CATV transmission equipment
  • BS/CS broadcast equipment
  • Fire alarm and home security systems