Ceramic surface mount chip SPD for communication/signal/telephone line. Protection from static electricity and indirect lightning surge.

DC Breakdown Voltage (V)
90 to 500
Minimum Insulation Resistance (MΩ)
1,000 (50VDC) to 1,000 (100VDC)
Maximum Capacitance 1MHz (pF)
Impulse Life Test
8/20µs-50A: 300 times
Impulse Current Capacity
8/20µs-500A (R=2Ω) Positive/Negative: 5 times
Impulse Withstanding Voltage Capacity
10/700µs-4,000V (R=25Ω) Positive/Negative: 5 times
Operating Temperature


  • Adaptable for high density surface mount technology
  • Usable for reflow/flow soldering
  • Compliance with IEC61000-4-5
  • Good impulse absorbency
  • Maximum electrostatic capacity 0.15pF
  • Embossed taping