Chip SPD for applications needing DC insulation resistance test on Line-FG, SG of a communications or signal line.

Maximum Impulse Sparkover Voltage 1.2/50µs (V)
RHCA53 Series Applied Voltage: 5,000V
RHCA53 Series Specification: 4,500V max. to 4,950V max.
RHCA53(335) Series Applied Voltage: 5,000V to 8,000V
RHCA53(335) Series Specification: 4,500V max. to 7,950V max.
Withstanding Voltage 50/60Hz
RHCA53 Series: 1,000VAC 60s - 1,200VAC 3s - 1,800V 3s
RHCA53(335) Series: 1,000VAC 60s - 1,200VAC 3s - 1,200VAC 60s - 1,500V 60s - 1,800VAC 3s - 2,000VAC 60s
Minimum Insulation Resistance (MΩ)
RHCA53 Series: 1,000 (at 500VDC)
RHCA53(335) Series: 1,000 (at 500VDC) or 1,000 (at 1,000VDC)
Maximum Capacitance 1MHz (pF)
Impulse Life Test
8/20µs-100A: 300 times
Impulse Current Capacity
RHCA53 Series: 8/20µs-2,000A
RHCA53(335) Series: 8/20µs-3,500A
DC Breakdown Voltage (V)
RHCA53 Series: 2,400±20%, 3,000±20%, 3,600±20%
RHCA53(335) Series: 1,000/2,000/2,400/2,700/3,000/3,600/4,000/4,500±20% - 1,000±30%
Operating Temperature


  • Protection from indirect lightning surge
  • Adaptable to high density surface mount technology
  • Impulse current capacity 2,000A 8/20µs
  • Small electrstatic capacity (maximum 0.6pF)