Surge Protective Device with built-in communication wires. Alert is sent when device has taken maximum number of surges and replacement required.



  • Compliance with IEC 61643-1 that meets new JIS standards.
  • Protection against indirect lightning surge for three phase power supplies.
  • Quick response for surge.
  • Impulse current capacity: 8/20µs-5,000A.
  • Impulse test category: Class II (Type II).


  • Power conditioner for solar photovoltaic systems
  • Electrical vehicle chargers
  • LED exterior illumination
  • Tapping machines, NC machines, other machine tools
  • Lithography equipment, washing devices, IC testers
  • Injection molding machines, winding machines, surface mounters
  • Vehicle air conditioners
  • Servo amplifiers
  • Electric facilities or other industrial equipment

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Discharge Current 8/20µs

Maximum Discharge Current 8/20µs

Impulse Life Test 8/20µs-1,000A
Approximately 500 times

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